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We increase your productivity with software and training.

Over 100% ROI! 

Training and Coaching

Microsoft Excel & Google Sheets training: Learn the simplest features that bring the most value! 

15 minutes of time saved per day means 1700€ saved per year per person! One hour of time saved per day means 6800€ saved per year per person! A few hundred euro course typically has a ROI of over 500% 


Custom Productivity Tools

When you cannot fully automate it, a script can still help a lot!.

Anything from a macro or template in Google Sheets / Excel / Powerpoint to a Mobile App. Tailored to your needs.

Fully-automate Redundant Work

We can automate your manual tasks and generate 100% ROI by saving work hours.  

Most daily tasks can be automated with Excel & Google Sheets. The cost of automating a task is often the same as  doing the task once by hand. E.g. It is typical to save 2000€ every year with an investment of 2000€.



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